The same groups of young people that participated in the first activity took part in the second activity. Each group, after returning to its country, researched and recorded similar initiatives for the utilization of historical memory and created a digital archive with information, which was then distributed to all the participating countries.

More specifically:
The group from the University of the Aegean toured the island of Mitilini, collected photographs and information relevant to the historical memory of the island.
For example, the participating students photographed the Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin, the Terriade Museum of modern art, neoclassical buildings of the Municipality of Mitilini, the Town Theatre, the Metropolis Orthodox Church and the Church of St Simeon and then made extensive comments on them.

The group from Giffoni toured the archaeological site of Pompeii, where it collected abundant audiovisual material and created the respective reportage, which includes a presentation of the archaeological site and, simultaneously, of the visitors' tour of the monuments. Furthermore, the group from Giffoni created the short video "Introducing Giffoni", which presented a brief tour of the city.

The group from Salzburg recorded a short Interview among its members around the question "what do you like about Salzburg?", which was the justification for making comments about the hospitality of the residents and their involvement with arts and sports, as well as for presenting various monuments of the city.