Four EU countries (Greece, Austria, Italy, Portugal) participated in the project that concerned the preservation of historical memory through the use of modern technology. In each participating country, groups of young people worked together in order to record in video the numerous ways through which museums and other educational institutions present and preserve historical memory.

The activities presupposed the informal training of youth in the use of the current audiovisual means, in order to record the methods and the projects of historical memory preservation in each country.

At first, 33 young people and 10 educators, specialized in the preservation of historical memory and audiovisual recording, met in the Cultural Center of the Foundation of the Hellenic World (Athens - Greece). The educators presented in depth the contribution of modern technology to the preservation of historical memory and all the participants then visited the interactive exhibitions of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, "Tales of the Olympic Games. A unique exhibition" and "Is There An Answer To Everything? A journey to the world of Greek mathematics", in the framework of which innovative educational activities took place. The meeting also encompassed virtual tours in the ancient cities of Olympia and Miletus, screening documentaries of historical content (e.g. "Strolling around Athens"), as well as navigation on historical web sites at the Cyber Hall. Moreover, they visited archaeological sites and important historical monuments of Athens.

The expected outcomes of the project include the recording of all the activities taking place in the Foundation of the Hellenic World and the production of audiovisual and online material of relative content in the participants─ countries of origin. The produced material will be exchanged among the participating countries, and the final outcome will consist of concrete methods for the preservation of historical memory within the framework of informal educational practices.

A great number of European organizations, involved with historical memory or the mass media, have already expressed interest in becoming partners in this programme and creating similar developing programmes.