The programme "Digging for historical truths" includes actions of creative occupation of young people and the formulation of good practice rules, on European level, for the preservation of historical memory through new technologies.

The aim of the programme is to inform young people from various countries, who share and with history, art and technology as their common field. It provides information regarding the innovations that the youth organizations introduce and apply.

It includes activities in four different countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands). A youth and a programmes coordinator for every country visit the other countries. There they have the opportunity to observe directly the interesting features of each programme in the framework of the cultural environment that created it and how it is implemented. The visitors present the practices that are applied to their countries to 30 - 40 young people from the country from which they have visited. The programme includes presentations, discussions, demonstration of educational programmes, meetings with young people - coordinators of programmes of informal education, psychologists, educators, university students, art historians, musicians, «/’ programmers, archaeologists / historians, volcanologists, botanists, folklore scientists. EverybodyĘs work is evaluated by everyone else and in the end a total evaluation is created by the team of the directly involved young people from the four countries.

Young people using as their forum the web site of the programme and having as their point of reference the preservation of historical memory are the nucleus of a multi-cultural community with potential for development, future collaboration and organization of common activities. The exchange of data between those involved in the network, the continuous enrichment and update of information is the essential achievement.